At Terra

Very Large Compression/Explosion

Very Large Compression/Explosion, homage to Alberto Guzmán, 2013-2014. 3,6 x 1,45 x 1,50 m.
Collection Terra, Kikinda, Serbia.

Mammoth tusk at Terra

Mammoth tusk, 2013, Collection Terra Museum, Kikinda, Serbia.
Photo Milan Ramaji.

Petits Chevaux de Kikinda sous la neige

Les petits chevaux de Kikinda, 2013,
four elements approx. 100x130x70cm,
collection Terra sculpture park, Kikinda, Serbia.
Photo Milan Ramaji.

Mammoth Tusk

Mammoth tusk, 2013,
Collection Museum Terra, Kikinda, Serbia.
Photo Milan Ramaji.

Planet and its orbits

Planet and its orbits, 2013, ceramics, metal,
photo Aladin Bakhit.

Anne at work 1

Anne making Very large compressions/explosion at Terra, 2013. Photo Dragan Udicki.

Anne at work on Petits chevaux de Kikinda

Anne making Les Petits chevaux de Kikinda, 2013, Photo Aladin Bakhit.

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