Anne Mercedes

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  • I am a London-based visual artist and author. My work is about embodying tensions and spans sculptures, site-specific installations, paintings, collages, and illustrations for children's books.
    It is represented in public collections across Europe and Asia. I am a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors (RSS) since 2009.

    As an author and illustrator, I weave my interest in the expressive and visual qualities of materials into writing stories as a way of raising young people's awareness about the world we live in. All situations are complex: my work is driven by the desire to convey this fact in a visible form. My aim is to engage with my audience on ecological, gender and economic issues which are paramount in our contemporary world. Sometimes I like to create absurd situations, as in The Door Factory, sometimes I like to turn to animals for a subversive view of the human world, as in Hermeline.


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